"He who opens a school door, closes a prison" - Victor Hugo
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Our mission and strategy

Our mission is to help. Help children who truly need us. We’ve started this project years ago and put in all of our soul, heart, energy and professionalism. Our last project, however, is different! Different in scale, duration, direction. If we want to successfully keep it on we need the help of many more people and make them stand behind our idea. So we dream and we hope that this pilot initiative will become a mission of the whole society. With joint efforts, new ideas and forms we hope to achieve results which affect society, the economy and the state.

After 13 years of working with disadvantaged children we came to the conclusion that about 40% of adolescents among them have intellectual potential well above average, and every second child has a brilliant talent or gift.

Thus, the project School of Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children was born . Generally our mission is:


In fact, our most important mission is to have many, many smiles on the faces of the children! Being happy with everything that happens to them and around them, feeling comfortable in their growth and confident that after graduating  from our school they have the knowledge and skills necessary  to  hold the future in their hands .